Viola Edward

Viola is a multi-award-winning senior business consultant, personal advisor, and expert in self-development with more than forty years of experience. She specializes in transcultural psychotherapy and breathwork mentoring and training. She is a social entrepreneur, Founder of Feminine Capital Forum & Systemic Breathing, Co-founder/CEO of GRIT Academy and Kayana Systemic Consulting. She serves as a […]

Layla Edward

Layla is the CFO and Co-founder of GRIT Academy, an executive coach with extensive online experience. Group leader and international trainer in Breathwork Mentoring, GRIT-Academy and “Círculo de Realización Personal”. A doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Birth facilitator. She is also specialized in Neurobics and thoughts transforming. She was born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, […]

Hatice Ozalp

Hatice ozalp is a holistic pharmacist. She uses homeopathy, bach flowers and healthy/organic lifestyle solutions in the knowledge that health is mental, emotional & physical balance. Her curiosity about the power of communication has helped her to become a health coach and solution focused coach, GRIT coach. She is a mother of two, traveller and […]

Elchin Ekenbel

She completed BSc in Psychological Counselling and Guidance in Cyprus. She further studied Children’s Care Learning and Development and Bereavement Counselling in the UK. She has a high interest in psychology, coaching, body, mind, soul and breath connection and its benefits, as well as health promotion. After experiencing the benefits of yogic philosophy that works […]

Oksana Constantinou

For the last 10 years, since Oksana discover the path of personal development she dedicated her time and energy to learning and transforming. She enjoys this path of self-development that needs daily practice and takes a lifetime to master, to discover the unique faced and shine of the gem of each individual. Oksana’s moto: life […]