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Orbs of Chance in World of Warcraft Item Upgrading

Orbs of Chance are used primarily to reroll random modifiers on Magic or Rare (yellow) items. They are especially helpful for weapons.

When used on a white item, there is a small chance it may upgrade into either magic (blue), rare item with random modifiers, or occasionally unique item status.

Base Item

Base items are white items without any modifiers or affixes attached, such as an Orb of Chance. By using an Orb of Chance on one, it has a chance of turning into something unique with either one or two random modifiers attached; this could include Magic (blue), Rare (yellow), or very occasionally even Foil Uniques which can only be acquired through Reliquary Keys or special supporter packs.

Applying an Orb of Chance to a Foil Unique has the possibility of rerolling its modifier stat values rather than creating new ones – this is helpful when trying to maximize their value, since certain builds could benefit from having more powerful affixes like more sockets or main attack damage.

Orbs of Chance can be obtained in-game by killing monsters and purchasing them from vendors, though their likelihood of appearing increases when farming maps with high monster level ranges.


Jeweller’s Orb can be used to upgrade an item’s sockets by randomly rerolling its number and color of sockets. While this can help boost 3- or 4-linked gear’s power output, its use would not make sense when applied to 6-linked gear; since adding one blue socket would require thousands of these Orbs before reaching full sets.

Awakener’s Orb is another effective option for upgrading gear, combining two items of different influences and rerolling their explicit modifiers as if using a Chaos Orb. This method can help unlock certain influence mods which cannot otherwise be added by traditional means, particularly on unique brown items.

Foil uniques can also be upgraded with Awakener’s Orb, though this upgrade should only be considered worthwhile for builds requiring all-gold items. Otherwise, trading for one from other players is the best way to acquire one – either with Blacksmith’s Whetstone dropped from various monsters in PvE or sold back for three Jeweller’s Orbs at vendors is an effective method for doing this.


An Orb of Chance allows players to reroll implicit modifiers on magic or rare items that were originally assigned automatically by chance – this includes prefixes like Life, Movement Speed, Evasion and Energy Shield as well as suffixes like STR/DEX/INT Attack/Cast Speed or %Elemental Damage. There may be instances in which new mods might even decrease (for instance STR could drop from 5 while INT could rise 10). However, be wary that your mod might drop from their original value (for instance STR could drop down to 5 while INT could increase to 10). If needed, interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about poe currency farming 2024.

The Orb of Change can also be used to corrupt rare and unique items and maps, enabling players to obtain high tier equipment or Strongbox items for the Atlas progression.


This upgrade increases your odds of rolling a certain number of sockets when using it, though chances remain small. For example, helmets requiring 122 INT will likely roll lots of blue sockets but not so many red or green ones; therefore many players prefer using Chromatic Orbs instead of Suffixes to increase chances.

This upgrade increases the odds of upgrading an ordinary item into one that is magical, rare or unique (provided there exists one of its base type in-game). Originally this was the only way to acquire league-specific unique items; these have since been added into the core drop pool instead. But this upgrade can still prove invaluable in procuring valuable gems!

Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile are currency items used to reroll modifiers on gear, which is particularly helpful early in the game when players are searching for powerful rare items. Chaos Orbs also play an integral part in temporary challenge leagues when new content and mechanics need to be added, helping to maintain an economy while creating temporary challenge leagues with temporary challenges.

Chaos Orbs may upgrade any white (normal) item into one with greater rarity – from magic (blue), rare or unique orange status if they come into contact with an item of higher rarity. Please keep in mind that the exact affixes that are chosen at random cannot be guaranteed.

Chaos Orbs are best used to upgrade an item with many affixes already attached or upgrade a Flask into an expensive Rare Flask; this allows players to save money by only needing other materials for crafting more potency based Flasks.