GRIT Coach/Mentor

For Sustained Success
English, Turkish

Elchin Ekenbel

Psychological Counselor, GRIT Coach/Mentor, Yoga Instructor

She completed BSc in Psychological Counselling and Guidance in Cyprus. She further studied Children’s Care Learning and Development and Bereavement Counselling in the UK.

She has a high interest in psychology, coaching, body, mind, soul and breath connection and its benefits, as well as health promotion.

After experiencing the benefits of yogic philosophy that works very well for her with her challenges that are caused by a chronic autoimmune disease, she became a yoga teacher and loves helping others to reconnect with their inner world, to reduce stress and to become healthier physically by delivering yoga practices.

Having a strong belief in holistic approaches to health, coaching and psychology, led her to decide to become a GRIT coach where she can continue to contribute to a holistic positive change in others with the use of meaningful, creative and effective tools that are easy to apply.

She is dedicated to encouraging growth of the mental, physical and spiritual self in others.

Travelling is something that she enjoys doing the most. She also enjoys being connected to nature, making jewelry, playing piano, chanting, skiing and reading about astrology.

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