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Fay Prince

Managing Partner of Bloo Scenography, GRIT Coach/Mentor

Fay, co-founder and managing partner of Bloo Scenography, is an event planner who is passionate about bringing original, creative, and inspirational ideas to life. As a stage manager, Fay has designed events from concept to form and ensures the impeccable execution in all aspects of any event. Throughout her career, Fay is proud to have designed and managed events for several influential profiles such as Dolce & Gabbana and Aishti Group.

Fay’s educational background includes a Master’s Degree in International Affairs & Management, and two Bachelors Degrees. She also played basketball professionally for 20 years, during which she played for the Lebanese national team and many first division teams that participated in international competitions. This helped shape her into the confident and outgoing person that she is today.

Fay is inspired to make the impossible, possible. Her passion, creativity, and dedication to anything she does has made her success in all fields inevitable.

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