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Oksana Constantinou

Breathwork Mentor, Yoga teacher, GRIT Coach/Mentor

For the last 10 years, since Oksana discover the path of personal development she dedicated her time and energy to learning and transforming. She enjoys this path of self-development that needs daily practice and takes a lifetime to master, to discover the unique faced and shine of the gem of each individual.

Oksana’s moto: life is continued growth, personal development and transformation through the action. Her mission is to help connect to the inner light, the natural resource and talents within and let that light shine and spread. Creating together a beautiful reality on the Planet Earth.

Her passion is to find a flavor, joy and deep level of satisfaction in all those little things in a daily life. Her deep level of empathy and compassion perfectly fit all those tools of GRIT, Breathwork, Yoga and Regress techniques, creating the unique blend in her style of coaching, mentoring and teaching.

She finds her resource of balance and contentment in connection with the nature, travels and exploring, and in yoga practice.

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GRIT Coach/ Mentor: Oksana Constantinou