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FFXIV Gil – The Main Currency in Final Fantasy XIV

Gil is the game currency in Final Fantasy XIV and used for purchasing everything from equipment and weapons to housing decorations. Players can earn it through various methods including selling popular glamour gear, completing leves/guilleleves/farming in PvP Frontlines/farmleves or by fulfilling duties via Duty Finder/Market Board.

Players can earn Gil by selling items to NPCs or other players, while some humanoid enemies also drop small quantities when defeated.


Crafting is a crucial component of Final Fantasy XIV’s economy and should not be seen as tedious or mindless; crafting is encouraged here! Players use crafting for gearing, housing, food for raiding purposes as well as cosmetic items like glamours minions or mounts.

Gathering is another effective way of earning FFxiv Gil. However, there is a delicate balance between gathering being worth your while and simply being time-wasting – most time spent gathering is an opportunity cost loss since players could have spent it raiding, undercutting or playing the market board instead.

As well as gathering, Gil can also be made from selling monster equipment on the Market Board and from various treasure chests throughout the world. These sales also give rise to more Gil.


Gil is the main currency in Final Fantasy XIV and can be obtained throughout the game for various purchases of items, weapons and mounts in ffxiv earning gil. Furthermore, it can also be used through certain abilities such as “Gil Toss”, which deals heavy damage at an hefty cost.

FFXIV players looking to earn Gil quickly should focus their energy on questing, Leves and FATEs, dungeons and market boards for increased Gil earnings. Main scenario quests typically offer decent amounts while doing both will net even more Gil. Market boards may be another valuable source but patience must be practiced here in order to profit from this long game of earning Gil.

Un alternative way of making Gil is gathering materials and selling them on the Market Board at a profit, especially if your items are highly sought after. At MMOPIXEL we offer fast delivery and 24/7 live chat support if any questions arise about this method of earning Gil.


Players in this game can earn Gil by completing quests. This may involve saving people from rolling downhill, milking cows, harvesting vegetables or killing enemies; the amount of Gil earned depends on player level and difficulty of battles.

As well as earning FFxiv Gil from quests, players can also obtain it by opening Treasure Maps containing Chests filled with various amounts of Gil and materials which can be sold on the Market Board. Furthermore, Levequests are another great way of earning extra income for you and your party!

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There are various methods available in FFXIV for earning Gil, such as questing, crafting, farming and the market board. Questing will earn a large sum while furthering your story while side quests and leve quests offer smaller sums. Furthermore, using the Market Board is an ideal way to generate additional Gil.

Farming can also be an effective way of earning gil, especially with an experienced crafter on your team. Farming before new patch releases is best as prices will skyrocket due to new crafted gear coming out into circulation for you to meld together and sell at higher rates than usual.

However, it’s important to recognize that market trends shift and each server and DC differs in terms of pricing structures and other players staking their claim on certain items as being best for making Gil. Therefore, it’s advisable to devise an estimate for how much Gil you can produce per hour.