Feeling confused during these uncertain times?​

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed?

Experiencing vulnerability and don’t know how to cope?

Do you feel unequipped to navigate this digital era?

• Learn how to focus and use your strengths! • Discover your qualities and resources! • Connect with your passion and shine! • Dare to trust your decisions and chase your desires!

Breathing Organic Resilience

for Sustained Success

GRIT ACADEMY! Enjoy a Simple and Deep Experience!

At Grit Academy we deliver with the professionalism of the sisters Viola & Layla Edward, world renowned global experts
in psychotherapy and breathwork mentoring.

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Be a GRIT Star

Be a GRIT Star

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Become a GRIT Coach

Eneable others to elevate their lives

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Meet Our GRIT Coaches

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Get inspired

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Enjoy a Simple and Deep Experience!

Meet our GRIT Coaches

The GRIT methodology is Safe, Dynamic & Rewarding!

Viola Edward

Co-founder of GRIT Academy

English, Spanish, Arabic

Layla Edward

Co-founder of GRIT Academy

English, Spanish, Arabic

Noha Hefny

Founder & CEO, People of Impact, GRIT Coach

English, Arabic

Héctor Soto

Founder & CEO of Merkatail AMD, GRIT Coach

English, Spanish

Hatice Ozalp

Pharmacist, Health Coach, GRIT Coach

English, Turkish

Elchin Ekenbel

Psychological Counselor, GRIT Coach, Yoga Instructor

English, Turkish

Oksana Constantinou

Breathwork Mentor, Yoga teacher, Regression Therapist

English, Russian, Greek

Fay Prince

Managing Partner of Bloo Scenography, GRIT Coach

English, Arabic, French

Anastasia Lapteva

Yoga teacher & Manager, GRIT Coach

English, Russian

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