The brain is a bit like a muscle – you need to train your mind in order to keep it functioning to its fullest potential. Those who keep their minds fit, healthy and strong, generally lead more fulfilling, happy and successful lives. And indeed, it’s 21st century and there are many effective ways to exercise the brain. Such as reading, learning a new language, meditating or participating in a GRIT Star programme.

Practice increase your success

Here at GRIT Academy, we incorporate a variety of different conscious brain activities into our seven-week-long self-improvement programmes. In essence, these activities effective at the same time. Especially when practiced regularly – which increases their success.

Use your brain to pursue your dreams

The purpose of these exercises is not only to train your mind, but also to empower you to use your brain to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. Together, we can show you how to channel the power of your brain to focus on what you want and need. Then subsequently go out, take action and get it!  

Train your mind with GRIT Academy

Basically, we see these seven brain exercises as tools that the GRIT Star programme gives to our students. The idea is that these exercises can be practiced in your own time throughout the seven weeks. And then students will have them as tools to use as and when they need. Through regular practice, you will become better and better at using these tools.

Your path to sustained success

So, every week you will be equipped with another tool that not only teaches you to train your mind. But also, with a total of seven tools which can support you on your path to sustained success. And each one of our exercises stimulates the brain in a different and powerful way.

Opportunity to connect

As we’ve said, there are many different ways to train your mind and tips to keep your brain healthy. And one of these ways is through social interaction. Which not only helps stimulate the mind, ward off depression and stress, and protect against memory loss, but also expands our horizons. There is research that compares solitary confinement to a kind of brain atrophy. So, remaining socially active may have the opposite effect, instead improving the health of your brain. And GRIT Academy can do this for you as well. Because GRIT Star programme essentially offers you opportunities to connect with peers and other like-minded students.

Keep your mind healthy

Whether you are in your first youth, your second or your third, it’s always a good time to think about ways to keep your mind healthy. So, register today for our Level 1 GRIT Star programme and continuo to the Level 2 GRIT Coach/Mentor programme, live, online and interactive lessons that support you to train your brain!