We love our sisterhood

Core Values

GRIT Academy is friendly, modern, trendy and ethical. We speak in alignment with our values, in a relational, interactive and simple way, promoting connection, appreciation, growth and continuous improvement; clarifying that these shifts are systemic and deeply rewarding.


Grow in your journey by learning to connect to your natural resources and to a strong, healthy and socially responsible community.


Grow your qualities, self-awareness, your prosperity and relationships with others. Learn to live with joy and bliss in contentment with your everyday life.


Learn to acknowledge and value your accomplishments, to appreciate every breath, and build on your natural qualities.


We consider the self within an interconnected system, including physical and mental health, emotional intelligence, relationships, work and the environment. Individual parts of this system can help the other to improve and be an impulse for growth.


GRIT will teach you meaningful and practical exercises to integrate in your daily life for noticeable and measurable results. Transform with simplicity and efficiency to become sustainably productive.


GRIT is a rewarding program every step of the way. At the first stage we accompany you in becoming the best version of yourself and then, through GRIT professional coaching training, you can achieve wealth and gain peace of mind in a sustainable way. Enjoy the financial benefits from being a GRIT Coach and the legacy that you are creating by spreading this beautiful work globally.
grit academy values continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

GRIT is committed to supporting you to improve continuously, reminding you of the importance of self-care and tending to your needs. GRIT encourages you to apply what you have learned for long-lasting joy and success