We make years of expertise accessible and affordable

Viola & Layla Edward

the sisters and their story about the birth
of the GRIT Academy

Our story is a heartfelt call after so many years of training and teaching others through our centres in Venezuela, USA and Cyprus. We wanted to use our shared experience since 1993 of working in the fields of breathwork, bodywork, therapy,  creative transformation and authorship, to fulfill a greater purpose, which is to amplify our reach in the service of people and society internationally.

Together as sisters we wanted to harness our own lived experience of daily personal mastery using a range of simple tools that when applied daily lead to ongoing and sustainable transformation. GRIT is our offering to the world, using our years of experience and studies in a way that is reachable, simple, deep, joyous and productive. 

We have been co-creating the GRIT suits of products since late 2018 working toward our launch in 2020, we have always had the vision for a global movement of mentors and coaches sharing this work in their own communities so we saw the programs being shared partly through online and offline meetings.

We had not expected the quarantine to start March 2020, so we thought it would be just fair to offer and share it totally online, thinking about all the people that will also have to be confined, so we took the leap and jumped into offering our first pilot program immediately, in March 2020.

GRIT Academy specializes in personal and professional transformation training including two signature programs which are complementary, the GRIT Star for personal work and for professionals the GRIT Coach.