A person’s unique belief system centres around the stories we tell ourselves to define our personal sense of reality. In essence, these are the beliefs that shape who we are and what we value. They can be both spiritual and ethical, political or philosophical. Moreover, we all have them. Every human being has individual values or principles that they live by. It is therefore through this mechanism that we each ‘make sense’ of the world around us in our own personal way.

But what does belief mean? A belief is defined as the acceptance that something either exists or is true. In epistemology, philosophers use the term ‘belief’ to refer to attitudes about the world which can be either true or false. Indeed, throughout the eras, beliefs have always the subject of important philosophical debates.

Another important element of our many types of – the interrelation of all that we hold to be true and just.

The power of your belief system

At GRIT Academy, we understand the importance of our belief system, which is why we have incorporated belief into our four GRIT B’s. Through our self-improvement programmes, we teach our students the importance of paying attention to the thoughts and emotions. But also, how essential it is not to get stuck in one emotional state. We share practical yet powerful tools to help our students really listen to and feel their emotions, as well as to shift our emotions to keep ourselves from stagnating.

We are all truly gifted, with a wealth of natural talents, knowledge and attributes. And the GRIT Star course will guide you to acknowledge these attributes. In turn, your personal belief system will be upgraded with improved self-belief and more positive thoughts and feelings.

Why is our belief system important?

As we mentioned before, all the individual thoughts, feelings and values that make our belief system are interrelated and linked. So, it is important to check the quality of our thoughts. Why? Because thoughts create real feelings, which in turn can shape our days, weeks and life.

We build our belief system

Throughout our lives, we build our belief system out of a selection of positive and negative thoughts.

  • The positive thoughts are aligned with our true selves and make us have a positive attitude which connect us with a state of mind that allows to envision and expect good things, without ignoring or denying the situations around us.
  • The negative thoughts limit us regardless of our wishes or efforts to change. They separate us from our true selves and shape the scarcity part of our personality.

But these systems can be shaped by the situations, traumas, wounds and experiences that we have lived throughout our lives. Which in turn generate adaptive behaviour that do not serve up on our path to sustained success.

Develop a belief system that support your growth

And at GRIT Academy, we want you to succeed. We want you to live your best life and develop a positive belief system that will support your growth. We want to make self-improvement and personal development simple, accessible and meaningful. And we do this by teaching and practicing our 4 GRIT B’s methodology.

Throughout the seven weeks of the GRIT Star Level 1 programme, you will receive seven new GRIT beliefs that will support the transformation of  your belief system. By incorporating your new GRIT beliefs into your daily lives, you can shift many limiting beliefs and support your personal development and sustained success from the inside out.