GRIT Breath

Conscious breathing

Is the act of breathing in a mindful or attentive way. Of course, we need to breathe to stay alive, but much of our breathing is instinctive and unconscious. However, focusing on the breath and practicing simple yet powerful breathing techniques has a huge range of benefits for the mind and the body. For example, reducing stress, releasing tension and promoting a sense of calm, or improving clarity, alertness, energy and focus.

Consciously changing the way we breathe

Consciously changing the way we breathe sends a signal to the brain to the central nervous system. In turn, this message can slow both the heart rate and the digestive system. In short, the sympathetic nervous system controls the release of stress hormones like cortisol. So, mindful breathing promotes a feeling of physical and mental calm.

conscious breathing can positively impact the body and mind

And that isn’t the only way that conscious breathing can positively impact the body and mind. This practice also helps to oxygenate the brain. So, the more oxygen that goes to the brain as you breathe with intension, the more relaxed you'll be. In contrast, those with poor or irregular breathing often suffer from panic attacks, depression and insomnia.

Consciously breathing boosts the immune system

Consciously breathing through the nose also boosts the immune system and allows for increased oxygen intake. This is because, with nasal inhalations, the air is filtered by tiny hairs in your nose called cilia. Consequently, this helps to remove germs and environmental debris before it enters the body.

Breathwork has improved concentration and vitality for centuries

While yogis have been practicing conscious breathwork for improved concentration and vitality for centuries, science is also now catching up. Numerous scientific studies on controlled breathing provide evidence of the many benefits of this ancient practice. Research shows, for example, that breathing practices help reduce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, depression and attention deficit disorder.

GRIT Breath is conscious breathing in daily life

On the GRIT Star programme at GRIT Academy, you will learn how to breath consciously to positively impact your life. In each session, you will learn a powerful new breathing exercise to practice and incorporate into your day-to-day life. Why? In order to help bring you clarity, calm and focus to achieve the life that you want. But also, because your breathing reflects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Time to focus on yourself

Moreover, by practicing these conscious breathing exercises regularly, you will build and gain a habit of self-discipline. Equally important, is the much needed time the practice will give you. Time to focus on yourself for just a few minutes each day. To check in and observe both your breathing and how you are feeling.

Increase your Breath Intelligence

In essence, these short yet deep practices will increase your Breath Intelligence – or BQ for short. Breathing patterns can show a clearer picture of our underlying mental, emotional and physiological states. So, observing our BQ is an easy way to assess our holistic physical and mental health. To sum up, Conscious breathing practices provide powerful support for the body’s natural pull towards balance, stability, health and harmony.