4 Reasons Self Improvement is Key to Your Success

Seizing opportunities for positive change within ourselves is the basic principle of self-improvement. Besides, human beings are not meant to be static and unchanging. In fact, throughout our lives we face multiple opportunities to evolve in tune with the way we experience the world.

Personal development and individual growth typically brings about positive change in various aspects of our lives.

Moreover, the best thing is, this is something that we control. Indeed, we take the initiative; we take the responsibility, and we take the action. For example, that action could be deciding to take a self-improvement programme such as the GRIT Star course. It could also be committing to integrate the past and live in the present transforming wounds or traumas into strength and resilience. To sum up, any action we take to better ourselves, counts as a step on our never-ending journey of self-growth.  

Furthermore, most of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 proved challenging for people all around the world. So many of us are looking for ways to nurture ourselves, lift our spirits and feel better. Indeed, this is the beauty and essence of this type of work.

As self-improvement also has a butterfly effect on every aspect and area of your life.  For this reason, taking these steps enhances quality of life, improves relationships and helps realise goals and dreams. In short, through making efforts to better yourself, you become the best version of yourself and live your best life.

self improvement program

What is self-improvement?

As the word suggests, this is the act of bettering ourselves, through education, wellness, healing and growth amongst other things.  Importantly, it is an action taken by our own initiative and through our own efforts. In contrast, it is not done out of obligation, or at the will of someone else. This is something we actively choose to do for ourselves. And we do it by tapping into our limitless human potential and developing our knowledge, skills or abilities. Personal development also happens when we take action to let go of things that no longer serve us. For example, releasing anything that was holding us back, to realise our full potential and live a life of joy.

Further, it is not limited to one particular area of our lives and is unique to each individual. All of us have multiple areas that we could improve in. From our relationships with ourselves, our families and our loved ones, to our career, health, spirituality and just overall happiness in our lives. What’s more, our personal growth is limitless. So the possibilities for developing and expanding within ourselves are endless and the work can continue throughout a person’s life.

Why is self-improvement important?

Since you may be wondering at this stage: How can personal development help me in my own life? And why is it important to make time for this kind of work and action? So, GRIT Academy has put together four reasons why taking action to better ourselves is important and can help you thrive in many facets of your life.

1. It Can Help You Discover Your Passions and Find Purpose:

A huge part of self-development is undeniably about learning new things or trying something you’ve never tried before. Perhaps you’ve heard of conscious breathing and the benefits it can have on your health and overall life. But you’ve never tried it because you don’t know how. Self-development is basically taking the initiative to learn. And then following through with gaining the knowledge and putting it into practise with a regular conscious breathing practise. Another example is through reading and enhancing your knowledge on particular subjects of interest to you. Not only is this an easy and pleasurable way to discover new passions and interests in your life. But it can also help you find the motivation to pursue those interest. Therefore, helping you to find sustained success by supporting you to achieve your goals in life over and over again. Through our GRIT Academy GRIT Star programme, we show our community how to discover, focus And achieve their goals and dreams.

2. By Connecting You With Your Qualities and Encourage you to Acknowledge and Use Them:

Giving you the tools you need to tap into these resources, which are vital to succeed in life. So often in life, people – and particularly women – learn to play down their natural gifts or miss opportunities by thinking that they are not good enough. In fact, the reality is that we human beings are all blessed with many, many unique individual qualities which we can tap into to achieve success in many aspects of our lives. But to use these personal resources to help reach our full potential, first we need to acknowledge them within ourselves. Resources is the R of the GRIT acronym. Hence, through our GRIT Academy programmes, we teach that our resources are our most precious tools for self-improvement and sustained success. Through our 4 GRIT B’s practices, we will show you how to first recognise and then work with your own personal resources in order to achieve sustained success in many areas of your life. Of course, acknowledging our resources is also a way of thinking of ourselves in a positive light. Which, as we already know, can transform our reality and catalyse further holistic positive repercussions.

3. Through Honing a More Optimistic Belief System and Helping Dispel Limiting Thoughts

Limiting beliefs are like a backpack of heavy rocks that we carry through life. This backpack certainly doesn’t help us get where we want to go faster or easier. In fact, it hinders us, stopping us from reaching our true potential and achieving the success we want and deserve. Through personal growth, individuals learn how to unpack that backpack and transform limiting thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. This kind of developmental work within ourselves also helps us to transform discouraging and restrictive ideals. Instead turning them into optimistic beliefs which serve us and support us to reach and maintain new levels of success. You may have already heard of practices that involve visualising what you want as though you already have it, to attract these desires into your life. In a similar way, in each session of our GRIT Star programme, we give students an easy belief orientated practice which encourages optimism and positive self-belief. One of our 4 GRIT B’s at GRIT academy is Belief. But we also incorporate the other GRIT B’s – Breath, Brain and Body – to further help individuals get rid of any limiting beliefs they carry. Then transform these into beliefs that will allow you to achieve success in your work, personal life and relationships.

4. Because Positive Action in One Area of Your Life Will Have A Ripple Effect in Other Areas:

So, you may already be familiar with the idea that positive thinking can transform your reality. And that positivity attracts more positivity, just as negativity attracts more negativity. At GRIT Academy, we don’t believe in labelling emotions as positive or negative, because all are valid and have purpose. However, through easy exercises linked to each of the 4 GRIT B’s (Breath, Brain, Body and Belief), we teach our students how to transform their emotions. We also show how and why not to get stuck in any one emotion. Especially the lower emotions of fear, anger, guilt or worry. This is because when we get stuck in an emotion, it can penetrate every area of our lives. So the more we think positive thoughts and take positive actions in one area of our lives, the more this positivity will flow organically into other areas, and vice versa. Correspondingly, making time and effort for continued self-improvement brings about positive change not only in the specific area. But also catalyses positive change in many other aspects of our lives. For example, you commit to starting a personal morning breathwork regime to improve concentration and productivity or reduce stress levels. This action – when practised regularly – will also start bringing about positive changes in other areas, such as career success, or relationship stability. In essence you can improve the overall quality of your whole life.

So, how can I start on me own journey to becoming a more evolved individual today?

There are many ways for us to become a better person. Such as choosing to see a therapist or counsellor. And take responsibility to live the present fully. to heal from past or generational traumas. Or deciding to dedicate time to participating in a workshops or reading self-development books. But the important thing is to thank ourselves for showing up and giving ourselves that space and time.

There are in fact, unlimited self-improvement areas that we can focus on throughout our lives. But the unique approach that we take at GRIT Academy is all created around the 4 GRIT B’s. These stand for Breath, Brain, Body and Belief.

And in each session of the GRIT Star programme, we give our students one exercise for each of these areas. So in each class, we teach one simple practice for breath, one for brain, one for body and one for our belief system. By adopting these easy practices and making them part of your daily routine, you will not only learn to recognise your qualities and emotions, but also transform your belief system and reality, achieve your goals, follow your dreams and be the best version of yourself.  

This is what GRIT Academy is all about. In essence, being the best you can be and implementing simple practices that will help you get there. So, are you interested in tapping into your own personal resources to become the best version of yourself? If so, then visit our website and sign up for the next GRIT Star course today!